Hitman symbol meaning

hitman symbol meaning

The Hitman symbol is just the letter H drawn in a cool way. The Hitman symbol does have a meaning ; I remember reading about what it. Kotaku has confirmed the findings of a Reddit user who deciphered the hidden meaning behind the barcode appearing in the first teaser trailer. Spam & Self Promotion is hard to define, and as a result will be removed to be a symbol resembling something like a "wifi signal widget" icon. hitman symbol meaning


Hitman Meaning

Hitman symbol meaning - erlaubt

But I know it's in there. Sergei Zavorotko and the Mystery Man meet outside of the Asylum, with the insignia on the gates. You have to go to mastery specifically for some stupid reason. Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads. Ort-Meyer's dead body, with the bloody insignia surrounding it. Absolution Gameplay Articles in need of images Hitman: He ran an asylum, and coincidentally, contained a secret cloning lab beneith it. All Our Exclusive Reveals Here. Join Date May Posts 5, This symbol is engraved on the handles of his trademark Hardballer pistols. Arkham Asylum General Discussion Batman: You may also like.

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